Sunday, February 13, 2011

True Love, as demonstrated by my parents

I was over at my parents' house the other day, enjoying some chicken nuggets and juice at the kitchen table. As I reconnected with my inner seven year old, my mom and dad came into the kitchen. My parents, who learned to tune out the presence of their children long ago, didn't notice me, and I witnessed a conversation demonstrating the true, deep love shared between them.

"Marge, for Valentine's Day I'm going to download a picture of a rose for you, okay?" my dad said.

"Ok. That's fine. I just hope you know how good you've got it," replied my mom.

"Well, you realize how good you've got it, right?"

"Yes, I know."

"So it's ok that I don't get you anything else for Valentine's Day?"

"Yep. That's fine.

Aw, true love.

To my future husband: if I'm romantically challenged, blame your in-laws.

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