Saturday, June 21, 2014

Tres Decades


In just over a month I'll hit 3 decades of life outside my mom's stomach. To commemorate, I'm generously and selflessly giving the world a "what I've learned" blog. No need to thank me. It's for the people.

So, what I've learned about life so far:

Time is the most important currency. (Chipotle a close second.)
I used to try and do everything. Now I'm using words like "prioritize" and "focus." I'm doing less, but spending more time trying to do the things I say "yes" to well. It's weird, but necessary since my aging body needs close to 12 hours of sleep a night.

When taking road trips, take time to visit the weird little stops along the way.
I mean, come one. You haven't lived until you've seen the barbed wire exhibit at the Window on the Plains museum in Dumas, Texas.

"No regrets" doesn't exist.
No matter what you choose, you will regret things. Making a choice means you're giving up an infinite number of other choices you could've made. We'll always know the hard things in the path we've chosen. We tend to regret the decisions we passed up based on the best case scenario had we gone down that path. Choose to see the fun, random, quirky things that are in the life you're living.

Your heart is going to break. Probably multiple times over your lifetime. Pray it heals in a way that is tender, not bitter.
The first time I experienced betrayal was at six when Timmy, my pet turtle, bit a piece of skin off my finger and ate it. And that was just the beginning. Your heart will break, sprain, get stubbed, and shatter at various points throughout your lifetime. As C.S. Lewis says, the only way to keep your heart intact is to avoid all attachment all together.

In those moments where you're lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering if your heart will go on, (Celine reference absolutely intended) and fighting the urge pull a Howard Hughes and permanently hole yourself up in a room and grow out your fingernails, take a deep breath and pray. Pray that God heals your heart in a way that is tender and compassionate, not angry and bitter. It feels like a fight sometimes, but it's a battle worth fighting.

Stop worrying about what people are saying and thinking.
Seriously, quit it. They're not living your life. You are.

Also, if you find the "off" switch for worrying about the opinions of others, please let me know where it's located. I've yet to discover it, so it's mostly just frequetly asking God to help me focus on honoring and glorifying Him.

Listen more than you talk. 
One of the greatest acts of selflessness is surrendering what you want to say so others can say what's on their heart. People are fascinating. Give 'em a listen.

Be quick to apologize and make amends.
My initial reaction when confronted, corrected, or accused is defense--especially when a situation has been misread or misinterpreted. The truth will come out. Sometimes I've knowingly wronged others, sometimes I've unknowingly done it. Both require humility and repentance. It never stops being tough. And scene.

Eat healthy and take care of yourself, but don't obsess about it.
If I ate all organic food I'd spend the extra years of my life paying off the credit cards I used to buy my pesticide free food. Make healthy choices within your means. Take care of yourself, don't be lazy about your health, but don't obsess over every molecule you do or don't inhale.

Jesus really, truly, is enough.
At the end of my life God's not going to look at my resume, ask whether I "lived the dream," or gauge how fulfilled I felt on earth. He's going to see the blood of Jesus and say "well done, my good and faithful servant." What a relief.

Let's go, 30s. I'm ready for you.

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BetsiFreeman said...

Happy 30th! Honestly, the 30s are great!!!