Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Reviving the Chain Letter

I'm a child of the 90s. Before the onslaught of 24/7 connectivity through social media we felt connected to random strangers with a thing called "chain letters." You'd receive a letter in the mail and then pass on something to other random girls and receive a bunch of letters, souvenirs, or other random thing back. (Or at least, that was the idea.)

After a recent show I spoke with a high schooler who had a copy of my book. She told me she was going to read it and then asked if it was okay if she gave it to a friend after she finished.

"Is that allowed?" she asked, as if the book would self destruct if it changed hands. (Actually, in a day where we're hyper aware about piracy, I think she wondered if it was okay to pass on a book without having them buy a copy.)

I told her yes, it was absolutely fine, and it gave me an idea for an experiment.

I'm going to start a book "chain letter" with the Smart Girl's Guide. I want to see how many girls we can get to read a single copy of the book. If you're a middle/high schooler who would like to participate (And as I realize not many middle or high schoolers actually read my blog, if your the parent of one and want to get your kid and their friends on board), email me at: contactingkristin@gmail.com

I will send a limited number of free books out to get started. I'll mail you a book and instructions for how to proceed. (Basically, you'll read the book, sign your name in the front, then Tweet me a picture with the hashtag #smartgirlchainletter, and pass it on to the next girl. These instructions will be beautifully typed up on an 8x10 sheet of printing paper. It'll be signed with my signature, which since publishing a book has risen in value to $.001.)

If you've already received/read the book and want to participate, jump on in! Email me with any questions.

Peace out and have a happy day!