Thursday, March 3, 2011

Homeschoolers: What we miss out on

This has been a bad blog week for me because I was out of town last weekend, then catching up on work related items this week.

I recently wrote a blog for another site about what homeschoolers miss out on by not attending school. I thought it’d be fun to do a “tag blog” on my personal site and list all the things we miss out on as homeschoolers. And yes, I did make up the term “tag blog.”

So, without further ado, here are some things homeschoolers miss having:

• Lunch box and the opportunity to pack food in it.

• Backpack.
**Clarification note: We may have had backpacks and lunch boxes, but you don’t get to use them often when your bedroom is forty feet from your classroom and the classroom is also the cafeteria.

• Recess.
**Personal Story: After finding out about it, I began calling all outdoor activities recess. Playing on the swing set: recess. Going to get the mail: recess. Trapping my brother in the sandbox: recess, then a visit to the principal.

• Visits to the school nurse.

• Lockers.

• Switching classes.

• Lice scares.

• Bullying that didn’t fall under the banner of “sibling rivalry.”

• Marching band/brass instruments in general.

• Team sports with teams that actually won.

• Excuse notes from the Dentist and Doctors office. (Seriously, Dad, would it have hurt to let them give me one?!)

What else do homeschoolers miss out on? Feel free to add on to the list!


Unknown said...

Waiting for the bus in the dark when it's 10 degrees outside on a winter's morning. (Or maybe that's just in my neck of the woods here in Maine.)

Raising your hand to go to the bathroom.


LJS said...

snack time at the same time - every day.

Carolina said...

Excuses for being late! :P said...

Well losing in sports isn't true anymore...they whip the tail off of 6A and 5A public schools...and now National Champions for 5 straight years...our daughter played two years with them.

Home Schooling is growing up...which is probably both good and bad.
Just had to send you the latest.
Nice seeing you again and my swim suit order is in the mail...LOL