Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dogs are Boys and Cats are Girls (and other things I believed as a child)

I love talking with children about their views on the world. They are creative, funny, imaginative, and often surprisingly observant and honest in how they think the world works. Recently I was reflecting with a few of my siblings on things we believed as children. Here's what I could remember.

Things I believed as a child:

All dogs are boys and all cats are girls.

God lived in the DFW Air Traffic Control Tower. (My dad was a pilot and we flew a lot.)

Our prayers went to a series of answering machines in the DFW Air Traffic Control Tower, and when God had enough time He listened to them and answered them.

If I wore clip on earrings long enough, my ears would become pierced.

All tacos were eaten with coleslaw.

If a mom and a dad went somewhere together, the dad always did the driving. (Even now when I play the board game Life, I switch my little people so that the blue person is driving when I reach the "married" square.)

When a plane landed all the bags fell from the bottom of the plane. Elves came and collected them and put them on the baggage belt, which is why it took so long.

Everyone got married by age 23.

Girls had long hair. Cutting your hair made you a boy.

If a married couple wanted a baby, they only had to pray together and then went to go pick up the baby at the hospital. (Some families in our social circle obviously prayed more than others.)

Public school was a terrible place where children were sent by parents who didn't care about them.

Since girls always looked surprised when they were proposed to, I believed that you didn't have to know the man ahead of time and that any random dude could "surprise" you by proposing. (Which was actually semi true as I got proposed to by a gas station attendant one time.)

What did you believe as a child?


ComedianBobFarrell. said...

1/ The only type of water ice made was lemon. ( My mom told us that because Lemon water ice is clear and it doesn't stain clothes)

2/That when people went to a wedding or baby shower .. they showered.

3/ That " I Wish We'd All Been Ready" was a worship song (In the late 70's as a child,I distinctly remember that being in a church song book... My parents deny this)

Carrie said...

1. That my Christian tapes should be placed by my non-christian music so as to have a good influence on them in the middle of the night.

2. That I could periodically communicate with dolphins when I heard ringing in my ears.

Dawn said...

Teachers could not see the color black so if you wrote an incorrect answer, all you had to do was cross it out with a black crayon and they'd never know.

Things made from 'scratch' were actually made by women scratching their arms for long periods of time.

Only very mean women went to college. [based on the folks I knew :S]

People in extended families all liked each other. Wooo! Was that a 'came crashing down' kind of thing! lol

Daddy long leg spiders were my friends.

I never believed that I slept as a kid.

patti kaiser said...

I, too, believed that all dogs were boys and all cats were girls!

I also believed that having a baby simply required getting married - then pregnancy either happened, or it didn't.