Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Budgeting my juror check Dave Ramsey style

Earlier this month I got extorted by my local government into showing up for jury duty. My lack of luck at getting drawn for things finally had a positive side and I didn't get picked for a jury. Today I received this beautiful souvenir in the mail commemorating the time I spent sitting in a room full of people holding my breath. 

Even though $6 is mere pittance in this economy, I decided I should still steward it well. So I ran my good citizen earnings through a Dave Ramsey budget recommendation pie chart. This is how I'll be spending my $6.

$1.8 will go toward my housing. My parents will really appreciate getting rent from me this month.
$1.2 will go directly to food. I will enjoy feasting on one child size Chipotle taco. 
$.60 will go toward my car. Pretty sure I can get a couple tablespoons of gas. 
$.60 will go to getting clothes, but if I shop at Goodwill that's an entire outfit. 
$.30 will go to my medical bills. Finally get a bandaid and protect this nasty hangnail from tearing.
$.18 will go toward insurance. Or in this case, reassuring me that I will never be fully assured of insurance. 
$.06 to further my education. Perhaps I'll buy a Laffy Taffy and study the joke on it. 
$.60 to my credit cards and loans. Sally Mae will be so proud.
$.18 into my savings account, aka the toilet shaped mug sitting on my desk. 
$.18 will go toward entertainment. I'll probably just get 18 pennies and look for one with my birth year on it. That was fun as a kid. 
$.30 will go to charity. I need to pray about which one I should bless with my abundance.

The good news is I'm off the hook for jury duty for three more years, and I can go get a Smashburger. (But just the burger. If I want cheese and the other trimmings I gotta wait until I get jury duty again.)


BetsiFreeman said...

I like how your sentence is structured so that we can picture all of the people in the jury room holding on to your breath.

Would make a fun cartoon!! :)

Sara Shea said...

Now that is some gazelle intensity... So funny, Kristin!

Jennifer Strickland said...